11.jpg (67828 bytes) Start Place                            12.jpg (61106 bytes) Start, nice and flat.

15.JPG (128166 bytes) Up the hill- 3 mile                  17.jpg (95423 bytes)  Water Stop 2 mile. Watch out for attack geese

21.jpg (110218 bytes) same hill, a little closer           22.jpg (111186 bytes) Getting closer, 2.4 miles

24.jpg (73769 bytes) finally a little downhill, not      25.jpg (121651 bytes) Ok, that's better. First real down, 3.5 miles

26.jpg (114882 bytes) Now that's nice                     27.jpg (83750 bytes) 4 mile water stop, bottom of hill

28.jpg (52461 bytes) Slight up hill near golf course 29.jpg (110088 bytes) Just before 5 mile

30.jpg (67183 bytes) HillandaleRd,Oh No!            34.jpg (87515 bytes) 7 mile point almost last hill

35.jpg (73764 bytes) Last hill coming up                 37.jpg (42715 bytes) Make it all worth it.8 mile water stop

39.jpg (64015 bytes) 8 mile/1.5 3 mile run/walk      38.jpg (49196 bytes)  8 mile- 1.5 mile view of New York

11.jpg (67828 bytes) Finally back home, OH NO, another hill?